Saturday, July 3, 2010

Make Crafts with Paper,Paint and Fabric

Pretty Handmade Recipe Book -- Need the perfect gift idea that's easy to make in multiples, try this beautiful handmade recipe book

Cut a 5x7 inch piece of decorative paper Use adhesive to attach the decorative paper to the chipboard cover.
Use a corner rounder to round the corners of the pages, including the cover

Place an adhesive label on the front of your cover

Trim the flaps off 4x6 inch envelopes. You will need one envelope per page. The envelopes will keep different size recipe cards together neatly.

Use adhesive to attach one envelope to the front of each chipboard page .

Punch a hole in the upper left hand corner of each page, including the cover,using a paper punch .

Punch the hole in the same place on each page

Stack the pages together with the cover on top,and insert the screw post through the hole and screw on the backing

Clever Clothespin Magnets- Left with lots of scraps of your favorite patterned paper? Top clothespins with the pieces, seal the paper with decoupage medium,and adhere magnets to the backs. Make a coordinated set to give as a gift.

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