Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fun to Make Christmas Snowmen Crafts

Sweater Snowman Bowl-- Cut a sleeve from an old sweater and slip it over a glass vase or small bowl to make a snowman face. Trim excess material at the bottom and pin to hide ends. Hot glue button eyes and mouth and a felt nose to the sleeve. Wrap a scarf around the bottom of the vase and fill with your favorite holiday treat

Snowman Jars- Re purpose old jars to make cute snowmen. Fill a clean jelly jar with Epsom salt. Fit a smaller jar (baby food jars work) to the top of the jelly jar, hot gluing in place. Paint the outsides with glitter glue;let dry. Make a hat from one end of a ribbon spool by painting it black. Accessorize the snowman with buttons,wire glasses,a fleece scarf, and bright ribbon



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