Monday, June 4, 2012

June Storage Project; Kid's Rooms

Kid?s Room
    Hooks for All Heights. Mount two strips of hooks or pegs to the back of a child's door--one about 3 feet from the floor, the other between 5 and 6 feet. Two levels of hooks allow kids to grow and provide more spots for shorter items such as jackets, towels, and bags. See-Through Toy Storage. Skip the toy box and stash playthings in large clear containers. Line up against the wall, under windows. Top with a cushion for bench seating. Keep Books Handy. Fill open boxes with children's books based on size and shape. (Kids' books always slide around on bookshelves anyway.) Keep a box near a child's bed for favorite bedtime reading. Kid-Friendly Closet. Replace the low hanging-bar section of a child's closet with stackable, ready-to-assemble drawers or cubbies--or slide in a small chest or bookcase. Fill with folded clothes and other

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