Saturday, July 28, 2012

August Storage- Bathroom

August Storage Projects: Bathroom 
Store Only What You Need. Evaluate all bath linens and keep only a two week's supply for every family member. If you have guest linens, keep them separate from everyday linens. Give away unused linens--or mark as rags with a permanent marker and store appropriately.
Non-skid Baskets. Add rubber feet to the bottom of a plastic basket and fill with bath supplies. Rest basket on tub ledge or in corner to ensure bottles stay in place.
Make Good Use of Cabinet Space. Arrange medicines, beauty, and hair products on lazy Susans to avoid forgetting about items pushed toward the back of the cabinet. Look for two and three-tiered versions to pack in more function.
Hide-away Makeup Caddy. Fill a metal or plastic desktop organizer with makeup, brushes, pencils, and other beauty essentials. Store the entire organizer under the sink when not in use

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