Monday, January 21, 2013

Tot Time Crafts

To all My Blogging Friends and Followers:

          I have an idea to run pass you, please give me your honest opinion and feedback on my idea.

         I know that alot of you Moms and Grandmas are always looking for fun things to do with your kids and Grand kids but don't always have the ideas,supplies or time to go out and buy them and just hope you have the right things in the house when the kids say"Mom I want to make something".

        Well here's my idea, what about a craft that comes to your door, supplies included and all directions and especially addressed to your child. What child does not love to get something in the mail addressed to them. ?

       Each month your child will receive a package with a couple of crafts enclosed(and on special months an extra one) to do when it's convenient to you and your child. To be kept for those days (snowy or rainy) or whenever the mood hits.

       There will be a fee involved and no commitment to stay, you can stop at any time. We only ask that you start at the beginning of the month so that we can plan ahead. They will go out on the same day of the each month so you will know when to expect them.

       So what do you think, are you game? If so let me know by email and I will let you know all the details and fees. I would love any suggestions or comments that you might have. I am looking forward in hearing from you in the near future. Please feel free to email with questions also.

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