Thursday, March 24, 2011

Projects Using a Roll of Wallpaper

Bold Service Cart- A basic glass front bookcase becomes a stellar service cart with just a roll of wallpaper. After removing the legs and doors,prime and paint the bookcase.When dry,wallpaper the outside surfaces and install casters to the bottom Reattach doors
Spotlight framed black and white photography in an artful way by covering plain mats with leftover wallpaper. Cut the paper to fit and apply it to mats with double stick tape

Floral paper to rejuvenate the drawer fronts of a tired dresser.

Cover a lampshade for a soft glow whenever the lamp is on. Place a piece of wallpaper on a flat surface. Roll the shade along the wallpaper, tracing both edges. Add 1/2 inch to each edge, cut out the cover and use spray adhesive to attach it. Snip the excess paper at even intervals, fold to the back of the shade.

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