Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stocking Advent Calendar

A Stocking Countdown Calendar

  • 25 socks
  • Marker
  • 25 mini clothespins (available at craft supply stores)
  • Stocking hangers, painter's tape, or pushpins
  • 6-foot length of cord, string, or ribbon
  • "Get Out of Chores Free" or "Pick a Movie Rental" cards -- each good for one use!
  • A puzzle distributed in pieces among the socks; kids can put it together over the course of the month
  • Trading or sports cards
  • Special coins such as foreign currency or a silver dollar -- chocolate coins are always a hit too!
  • Music or other gift cards
  • Jokes or riddles (stick the punch line in the next day's sock; see AZKIDSNET.COM for ideas)
  • A game (a Mad Libs or Sudoku a day)
  • Art supplies, such as a mini paint kit and pad
  • A special ornament to add to the tree
  • A new pair of socks!

  1. To make your "calendar," fill the 25 socks with small treats, using our list of suggestions or your own ideas.
  2. Use a marker to number the mini clothespins with 1 through 25.
  3. A Stocking Countdown Calendar - Step 3 To assemble the calendar, use stocking hangers, painter's tape, or pushpins to temporarily hang a 6-foot length of cord, string, or ribbon within easy reach of a child. Clip the treat-filled socks to the cord in numerical order, then each day have kids remove one to discover their surprises.

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