Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Crafts for Kids

Cute Bug Catcher-- Craft this cute bug catcher to corral summer bugs or other creepy crawlers so you can get a closer look

You need Scissors/ruler/insect screening/wire cutters/empty plastic mayo jar/paint and brushes/wooden cutouts/glue/hot glue

How to

Cut a 6 1/2 inch circle of the screening

Use wire cutters to cut a 24 inch length of wire . Weave the wire through the screening about 1 inch from the edge,making the stitched about 1/2 inch long.

Place the screen on top of the jar, and tighten the wire around the jar rim. Twist the wire ends together to secure

Paint all your wooden pieces and decorate as you wish.

Use hot glue to attach your pieces to the jar.

Kid's Summer Sunglasses - Make ordinary sunglasses "sun-sational" by dotting and dashing paint onto the rims

You need -sunglasses/enamel paint/brushes

How to

When choosing how to paint your glasses, look at the different parts of the frames. Paint each part a different color if you like

If possible, take the lenses out of the frames. Paint the background color and let it dry. Give it two or three coats.

When the background is dry,add stripes or dots in different colors. Use a tiny paintbrush to make stripes. Use the handle end of the paintbrush to make dots

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