Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creative Ways to Organize Crafts

Digital Storage-Protect your CDs of photos from harm by creating your own holders from decorative paper. A covered box will keep the dust out, and you can decorate it with fun prints and patterns. Create subject dividers too, so more than one theme can be stored in each box. Photo Finish - Pictures need to be stored in a safe place so they won't get bent or damaged. Place them in a traditional office file folder, and sew up the sides to keep them safely tucked in. Make sure you label them clearly so you know what's inside. And instead of simply handwriting a label, get creative. Print out a re sized picture from the folder and glue it to the label tag.
Tins for Trims- Some containers don't allow you to peer in and see what's inside without removing the lid. Save time searching for the right pattern or color by wrapping the outside of each tin with a piece of the ribbon tucked inside. And don't hide these cans in a drawer or closet; leave them out for easy access and as part of the room's decor.

Decorative Containers- It's easier to find things when they're out in the open. But you can't leave your kitchen table sprinkled with stickers and tags. Glass jars make the perfect holders for all of your pretty trims. And to make sure you know what's inside each one, craft your own labels with customized tags.

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