Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Office Storage on a Dime

Corral with Cans - Use empty cans for wall storage in your home office. Then can organize sewing essentials or corral writing utensils, scissors, and other small office items. To make this wall storage, clean the cans, then spray paint them the desired colors. Attach each can to the wall with a single screw through the bottom or with a heavy duty wall mounting tape.
Mail Center- Use unexpected containers, such as these simple mailboxes, for desk side storage. They're perfect for organizing mail,takeout menus,and bills. Plus, they'll keep your desktop paper free. Dress them with pretty motifs from wallpaper remnants or decorative paper, and adhere with decoupage medium.

De clutter a Desktop- Re purpose a toothbrush holder and soap dish to round up office essentials and keep your desktop and drawers clutter free.

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