Thursday, April 28, 2011

Recycled Bird Feeder

I found this craft for recycled Frisbees at Thrifty Fun, thought you might like it. Can never have enough bird feeders and a good way to recycle.

You need 2 bolts,washers, and nuts
1 empty grated cheese container
2 Frisbees
Long needle nose tool
Wire and S hook

How to

Drill holes in the center of the Frisbees top and bottom,also top and bottom of the container, the same size as the bolts you will be putting through

Drill the bottom Frisbee with several holes for water drainage. Drill two small holes across from each other near the bottom of the container about 1/2 inch from the bottom. These holes should be about 1/3 inch wide.

Match up the container top to the underside of the top Frisbee and glue.

Put bolt through top and bottom set of holes, add washer and then the bolt, tighten. For top sections have a loop of wire ready to wrap around the bolt before tightening. For the bottom use the needle nose to brace the bolt from inside the container while using the screw driver on the outside of the Frisbee

Now it ready to fill,turn the top Frisbee and the container cap should screw right off with it.Add your S hook.

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