Monday, July 11, 2011

Stenciled Hallway Organizer

 Banish prebeach pandemonium (Who took my towel? Where are my flip-flops?) with a designated station featuring boldly numbered hooks and corresponding cloth baskets for each guest or family member. Now if only there were a system for getting them to remember to put on sunscreen.

Tools and Materials

Waterproof paper, for stencils

Craft knife

Painters' tape

Small natural sea sponge

Latex and fabric paints



To make stencils: On a computer, enlarge numbers in a font you like; print on waterproof paper. Cut out with craft knife.


For wall, center stencils above hooks, and secure with painters' tape. Dip sponge in latex paint, blot excess, and dab on stencil. For baskets, use fabric paint. Proceed as above, but place a box or other hard object behind fabric for a firm work surface.

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