Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photo Pillow

Red and blue felt pillow with photo squares.

Combine sewing and scrapping skills to create this 14 inch square photo-embellished pillow. You can decorate a purchased pillow cover or make your own. Here are the embellishment steps:

1. Print 3x3" photos on iron-on ink-jet fabric sheets, cut them out, and iron them on a 12x9" felt sheet.

2. Hand-stitch around the photo edges with floss.

3. Punch holes in felt and fabric strips and attach the strips to the edges of the felt sheet with brads.

4. Hand-stitch or glue (with fabric glue) the embellished felt sheet to a pillow cover.

5. Adhere felt die cuts to the pillow cover with fabric glue.

6. Finish by stuffing the pillow cover with fiberfill or a purchased pillow form and, if necessary, stitching the cover close

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