Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Outodoor Decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving

Flowers for Fall- Scour antique and flea markets for a tall and tapered, galvanized steel container with a handle. Fill with tall flowers and hang by the handle from a hook on your front door

Display hollowed out pumpkins filled with potted fall flowers along a retaining wall. A procession of pumpkins would also look stately on your front steps
Potted Pumpkins- Turn an old planter into a pumpkin perch for fall. Hot glue corn husks to a straw wreath form,along the top, bottoms and sides so that the ends of the husks all point outward. Stick sprigs of ornamental grass into the wreath form to fill in any gaps. Set the wreath on top of a garden urn and nestle a pumpkin

Sill Space- Dress up blank windowsills with an arrangement of harvest inspired elements such as miniature hay bales,ears of Indian corn and leaves. For Halloween, add a miniature jack-o-lantern or two. For Thanksgiving, add a handful of pine cones.

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