Sunday, October 17, 2010

Natural Fall Table Setting

Beautiful Milkweed table topper- Milkweed pods are a stunning centerpiece when placed in a tall glass vase. Surround the vase with white and yellow gourds, and place them all in a shallow basket. Set this on a side table to draw attention to the beauty surrounding the meal

Stylish Silverware Holder- Transform a glass oval container filled with white rice into a custom silverware holder. Tie sets of silverware together with ivory satin ribbon for an elegant look
Crab Apple Centerpiece - Fill a tall glass votive holder with 1 inch of dried white beans, Sprigs of crab apples or other yellow berries make an ornamental addition to the table

Simple Wheat Centerpiece- Keep neutral, autumn colors abundant with an understated centerpiece. Fill a skinny vase with tall stalks of wheat found at a crafts store or a farmer;s market. Keep the stalks to a minimum for a light and airy feel

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