Sunday, February 13, 2011

Decorate with Paper

Decorative Plate -- A clear glass plate makes a clever frame for a profile shot of a pretty pumpkin or any other seasonal photo. Upload the image, size and cut to fit under the center of a plate, and adhere using decoupage medium. To clean,wipe plate with a lightly damped rag. Use the plates as decorative chargers or as wall art around your home.
Decorative Dresser Drawers-- Dress up a bland dresser by lining the drawers with bright, fun paper. Select patterned wrapping paper that matches your room and attach the paper to the bottom using double stick tape. The paper gives a pop of color and personality to otherwise boring drawers

Pretty Tissue Flowers-- These delicate petals create an elegant centerpiece whether scattered down the center of a table or piled on a platter. To create,cut a flower shape or 3 inch circle from eight layers of tissue paper. Place in a stack. Next, poke a hole through the stack with a pin. Pull the paper off the tip if a twist tie and insert the exposed wire through the paper layers. Twist the wire to create the flower center. Make the flower bloom by gently pulling up one layer at a time

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