Sunday, February 13, 2011

Easy Home Decor Crafts

Bedside Storage-- Let a nightstand hold an accessory and let the bed skirt do all the work. Fold up one end of a fabric runner to the ,length desired for the pocket. Stitch the outer edge of the folded portion. Stitch through the folder portions in two places to make three total pockets. Tuck the other end of the runner between your mattress and box spring.
Button Border Picture Frame -- Bring life to an old picture frame. Find a handful of pretty buttons. Using crafts glue, adhere them around the frame. Let dry.

Jeweled Throw Pillow-- Sparkly jewels add pretty detail to this throw pillow. Glue the jewels in a row to complement striped fabric. For checked fabric,glue one jewel in the middle of every other square. Add a jewel in the middle of flowers for floral fabric.

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