Thursday, December 1, 2011

Upcycle Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Trees
    These free-standing paper Christmas trees add colorful, country charm to your Christmas decor. Cut various size circles out of Christmas cards, scalloping the edges of some. From the center of each circle cut out a 3/16-inch pie-shaped wedge. Curl the circle into a cone shape (pattern side up), overlap the ends, and tape the back. To make the base, cut a 2-inch foam ball in half and a 1/8-inch dowel to desired height. Place the foam ball flat side down, add a drop of hot glue to an end of the dowel, and push the dowel through the foam ball until it stops. Slide the largest cone shape down the dowel, and then twist a small rubber band around the dowel; continue alternating progressively smaller cone shapes with rubber bands. Top the paper Christmas tree with the smallest cone shape and a ribbon.

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  1. Our family doesn't do "Christmas" like many do but I did pass this on to someone who is involved in girl scouts. I know it would have been something I would have done with my school-agers a few years back. Cute idea! I have a whole container of cards that I can't bring myself to throw away. :-)



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