Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun Felt Snowmen Decoration for Christmas

Use felt scraps in a variety of colors to make fun felt snowmen to use as Christmas ornaments or decorations.

You need:

Felt scraps
Marking pen
Embroidery floss
Craft glue
2 small pom poms
Ribbon for hanging

How to:

Draw a pattern onto tracing paper and cut out the shapes. Referring to the photo, trace the shaped on assorted colors of felt using the marking pen. Cut out all shapes, except for the snowmen fronts.

Create the faces with black floss, work french knots for eyes and outline stitches with a small straight stitch at the ends for smiles.With orange floss, whip stitch the carrot noses in place. Cut out the snowmen fronts.

Assemble the Snowmen with wrong sides together and blue floss. blanket stitch the fronts to the back,inserting small amounts of fiberfill before sewing the shapes closed.

Add the hats and scarves using coordinating floss to whip stitch the hat striped to the hats. With wrong side facing, blanket stitch the hat fonts and back together along the sides. Slip the hats on the snowman's heads and blanket stitch or glue in place. Tack or glue a pom pom to the tip if each hat. Tie scarves around the necks. Add ribbon loops for hanging.

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