Saturday, November 28, 2009

Snowmen Luminarias

Imagine these welcoming snowmen lighting your Christmas walk. Organize a craft making party for the neighborhood so everyone can enjoy these smiling luminaries.

You need: Round fishbowls/white frost paint/orange oven bake clay/golf tees/glass baking dish/black glass paint/paintbrush/silicone glue/crafting mesh/work gloves/scissors/ruler/round can/ribbon/tea candle

How to:

In a well ventilated work area, spray paint the fishbowls. Let dry.

To make a nose, form a carrot shape from clay. Push a golf tee in the wide end for extra strength. Place on baling dish. Bake in oven according to the manufacturer's directions.

Glue a clay nose on each fishbowl. Let dry. Use glass paint to the make the eyes and mouth. Paint quarter size dots for the eyes and smaller dots for the mouth. To make snowman winking, paint one eye as shown with eyelashes in the corner.

To make a hat, you might want to wear gloves. Cut an 18 inch circle from crafting mesh. Center the mesh over the can. Form the mesh over the can, folding the edge into a brim. Tie a ribbon around the brim.

Add tea light.

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