Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wreath with fish Bobbers

Make this clever Christmas wreath from fish bobbers for your favorite angler.

You need:

12 inch wire wreath form
100 light string of white lights
Spool of silver craft wire
Assorted bobbers (24) 1/2 inch 18 3/4 inch (30) 1 inch (42) 1 1/2 inch (6) 1 3/4 inch
Needle nose pliers
3 yards of 3 inch wide red -white and green striped ribbon

How to:

Wrap wreath form with the string of lights, leaving the plug free

Fold 6 inch pieces of craft wire and hook bobber at fold. Place largest bobbers first, second largest next and so on.

Wire the pieces to the wreath form, twisting wires to snag bobber and adjusting and positioning lights between bobbers. Cut wire and tuck ends

Fill in with small bobbers and pull lights into place until wreath is full

Make a large bow and add to the top of the wreath. Add a hanger wire to the back of the wreath.

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