Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frosted Fallen Leaves Ornament for Autumn

This simple ornament-made by attaching artificial leaves to a glass ball ornament- if perfect for fall decorating


Glass ball/artificial oak leaves /scissors/thick white craft glue and brush
Clear mini glass marbles /Decoupage medium /14 inch wide satin ribbon

How to :

1 Remove the metal cap and hanger from the glass ornament and temporarily set them aside

2 Brush glue onto the underside of an artificial oak leaf and wrap the leaf, glue side down,around the ball. Cup the newly attached leaf in your hand for a minute as the glue begins to set. Repeat the process with another leaf, overlapping portions while allowing the cleat glass to remain visible. Let dry overnight

3. Pour about two tablespoons of clear glass mini marbles into the ornament Replace the cap and hanger on the top of the ball

4.Brush a coat of decoupage medium over the oak leaves;let dry. Embellish the leaves with decorative accents

5 Thread a ribbon through the hanger and tie the ends together in a knot.

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