Monday, November 9, 2009

Kid's Paper Scroll

If your children are budding artist, they probably enjoy pursuing projects independently .This is a small portable work table of their own. Equip the table with mounted rolls of paper.


Drill with 3/16 drill bit/1/2 inch diameter dowel/drawer pulls/parting strip/screws/rolls of assorted papers

How to:

Using a 3/16 inch drill bit,drill two holes on the inside of two legs at least 5 inches from the underside of the table.

Screw a screw eye into each hole

Using a 1/16 drill bit, drill a hole into the end of the dowel. Insert a dowel screw into the hole. Attach a drawer pull. Thread the dowel through the eye, and attach a second pull to set dowel in place.

Cut a parting strip to the width of the table. Predrill two holes at each end of the far side of the table from the dowel assembly. Using wood screws and washers as spacers, screw the parting strip into the predrilled holes.

Thread dowel through roll paper, reattach, and thread through parting strip.

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