Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick Nature Crafts

Nature Finds in a Vase -- This autumnal version of a May basket is perfect to hang on door or window locks Choose a small jar or votive cup that has a lip or ridges at the top.Wrap wire around the jar several times,placing the wire between the ridges or under the lip. Twist the ends into a hanging loop. Fill the jar with water and a collection of herbs,pods,flowers, and berries
Nature's Napkin Rings-- A simple but delightful touch comes in the form of one small leaf. Find wonderfully colored little leaves to tie onto napkins for family dinners and dinner parties.

Neutral Nature Chair Decorations-- Give a chair neutral natural elegance. Tie a jute ribbon in a bow around one chair post, Gather twigs and pheasant feathers so the feathers fan out. Secure to the chair with crafts wire. Spray paint small pumpkins and gourds white. Hot glue three or four to hide the wire. Finish by inserting white dried flowers

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