Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simple Easter Baskets

Bunny Buckets -- Make your own Easter baskets to fill with goodies This fun kid's craft for Easter holds candy and serves as a decoration

You need Clear or green soda bottle/white,orange,and green craft foam sheets/2 inch wide ribbon/hole punch /chenille rickrack/glue

How to

Rinse and remove label Cut away the top third of the bottle with scissors. Glue rickrack around top of bottle

Cut rabbit silhouettes or carrot tops form the foam sheets, and place around the top of the plastic bucket

Punch a hole on each side of the bottle bucket Cut a 15 inch length of ribbon and thread through each hole. Knot ribbon ends in place inside the bottle

Recycle cans to make charming little candy containers. Embellish with vibrant colored ribbon and chenille stems to make decorative handles

Attach paper to cans with glue You can use coffee and soup cans Embellish with irresistible ribbons

Fill each can with paper shred. Top off with a handful of candy

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