Friday, March 26, 2010

Roll up Beach Towel

We always have a lot of stuff to carry to the pool or beach. Why not have a beach towel that will help us carry our necessities.

You need; beach towel/tape measure/pins/thread/ribbon

How to : Fold up the short end of the towel, and sew to create four pockets for your essentials. When you're ready for the beach, fill the pockets with a few necessities, fold the towel in half lengthwise, roll it up towards the straps and tie closed


Lay the towel on your work surface, right side up, so that the pockets are at the top. Double stitch the midpoints of the two 30 inch ribbons to the bottom short edge of the towel. The ribbons should be perpendicular to that edge so that one is 4 inches in from left hand corner and the other is 4 inches left of center. Form a u with the third ribbon. Turn ribbon ends under, and double stitch them to the towel edge at the points where the other two strips were sewed.

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