Thursday, October 8, 2009

Easy Ways to Make Money with Crafts

I know that there are some of us out there that are trying to make extra money selling our crafts. So when I found this article in Woman's Day , I felt it might be helpful to some of us .

FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE TO MAKE ... Successful crafts start with the passion of the creator. Is there something you enjoy making or make on a regular basis to use in your own life.

HOST A PART OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO SHOW OFF YOUR CRAFT... This is a great way for get feedback for free from people you know and trust. Ask them what they think of the product.

RESEARCH OPTIONS FOR BUYING YOUR CRAFTING MATERIAL FOR LESS... One way to make money with crafts is to cut on materials. Buy in bulk when possible.

SEARCH POPULAR WEB SITES THAT SELL HANDMADE CRAFTS AND GOODS... Finding an online outlet to sell your crafts is the best way to keep operating costs low. Rent is free, and most charge minimal fees to list handmade items.

VISIT LOCAL CRAFT FAIRS... Craft fairs are wonderful resource for selling handmade crafts. You can meet other crafters and check out what kind of handmade items they are selling.

MEET WITH LOCAL BOUTIQUE AND SHOP OWNERS...Many local shops carry crafts and other handmade items made locally as a draw for customers.Try to find shops that coordinate with the item you are making.

DONATE YOUR CRAFTS TO LOCAL CHARITY FUNDRAISERS... This is an easy way to get your name out there in the community and stir up some business while contributing to a local cause.

Hope some of these ideas help.!! Now go out there and sell !!

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