Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pretty Plastic Bag Organizer

Plastic bags seem to multiply, they do in my house. Try to reuse them as much as possible , but when you can't it would be nice to have a handy holder that matches your kitchen decor.


15 inch wide dish towel
10 inch strip of 3/4 inch twill tape
7 1/2 inch strip of 1/4 inch elastic
1- 1/2 inch safety pin


Fold dish towel in half lengthwise, wrong side out;pin along the edge opposite the fold. Pin twill tape ends to one open end to form hanger.

Sew a seam 7 inches from the folded edge to make a tube. Stitch tape in place

Thread elastic through the towel's existing hem;Snip one small slit in the towel's hem. Flip the tube over and repeat, making a second slit. Tie a large knot at one end of elastic;attach safety pin to the other end. Slide safety pin through 1 slit, and ease through hem and out the other slit. Tie elastic ends to gather

Turn bag right side out

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