Saturday, October 10, 2009

Light the Night

These striped lantern cast striking patterns and add a crafty touch to patio dinners. I can see these on the front porch in Christmas fabric also. I think that would be cute hanging from trees in the yard or your garden .

Start with a pint size canning jar, a safe choice because it's made from tempered glass.

Apply glue with a glue stick to the undersides of three 11x 1/2 inch strips of cotton fabric. Then adhere them to the jar.

Wind 24 gauge wire three times around the neck of the jar, then twist together the wire ends and trim.

Cut three 12 inch wire lengths, loop one end of each around the neck wire,and twist to secure the. Thread on beads. Holding the three wires together, slide on a large bead,then twist the wires into a single strand. Wrap the strand around a fat marker to make a loop,twist the end around the strand, and trim.

Put flat glass marbles and a tea light inside the jar. Tip...Use an uncooked spaghetti strand as a match to light the candle. Cool, Huh ?

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