Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tin Can Lumiarias

This is another option for a luminary. I thought that this one could be done at Christmas time just by changing the design. Like a Christmas tree or a snowman, or snow flake

Materials :

Tracing paper/marker/tin cans/hammer and large nail/
Spray paint
Tea lights


1. Trace a pumpkin face or a bat , or any design you would like. Transfer the pattern of your choice to a clean tin can.Go over the design with a permanent marker. Fill the can with water and freeze. When can is frozen remove.

2.Use a hammer and a nail to puncture the design in the can.Punch two hole in the rim of the can on opposite sides,centering the design between the two holes Let the ice melt, and allow the can to dry

3.Cut a 16 inch length of wire. Insert one end of the wire into a hole in the rim,twist the end of the wire around the wire length. Insert the other wire end through the hole in the rim and secure the wire in the same manner

4.Spray paint the can and let dry. Place a tea light inside the can and hang securely from a branch or a garden hook.

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