Sunday, October 4, 2009

Critters that keep out the cold

Stationed in a window or up against a door this winter, these charming homemade draft blockers will help keep indoor temperatures up and fuel bills down.

Materials for Snake :

1 pair striped women's tights
Uncooked rice (5pounds )
Needle/thread/fabric glue/felt/eyes/scissors

Materials for Doogy:

1 pair women's tights
uncooked rice
Needle/thread/ fabric glue/felt/eyes/scissors/paper clips/button/old belt or bracelet

Directions for Snake

Cut off one leg from a pair of striped tights and fill it with rice. An easy spill proof method is to use
a cup with the bottom cut out for a funnel.

Pinch the open end of the leg into itself to form a tapered snake and stitch it closed.

Glue eyes. Lastly, sew on a felt tongue,using the same technique described for attaching the dog's ears.

Directions for Doggy:

Cut one leg from a pair of ladies tights and fill with rice. Leave enough room to tie the open end into a tight knot.

For a tail, apply fabric glue across the base of a felt triangle (about 2 1/2 wide by 7 inches tall ) and sandwich it around the knot.

Apply more glue to the sides and then fold the felt in half. Secure the tail with paper clips until the glue dries.

Glue on eyes. Attach felt ears by draping each one over the head.and then sewing the base in place. This way. when you flop the ear down,the stitching won't show.

For the finishing touches, sew on a button nose. Then use your hands to shape the nose and body. Don't forget a collar , an old belt trimmed to fit or even a bracelet.

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