Sunday, October 4, 2009

Magnetic CD Picture Frame

Sorry about the small picture, could not get it any bigger.

This would be a great locker hangup, or a refrigerator magnet. Great gift idea, maybe for Grandma and Grandpa to hang on the frig with all the kids pictures on it . You can make it as long as you want.


Double sided tape
Scrapbook paper
Used or new CD

How to:

You start by tracing on your scrapbook paper a circle smaller than the CD. Using a glass or cup.

Cut out your circle with decorative scissors.

Make an X on the CD with double sided tape, right over the hole, and affix the circle you cut out.

Cut your picture in a smaller circle and adhere it to the CD.

Attach each CD to the length of ribbon you desire and attach a strong magnet to every other CD.

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