Thursday, October 1, 2009

No Sew Blanket

These would make really nice Christmas gifts, and very easy to make .


1 yard fleece
Scissors with sharp point
Crochet hook


1. With scissors punch holes in fleece 1' from the edge of fabric and 1 ' apart. All around the perimeter of blanket

2. Measure and cut yarn into bundles. 7" long and 6 strands in each bundle.

3.Push crochet hook in 1st hole from the underside. Fold fringe in half and hook it in the center.

4.Pull the hooked yarn through the hole. Use your fingers to reach through loop and grab end of fringe. Tug the fringe through loop and snug knot.

5. Continue around entire blanket.

As you work , the knotted fringe will roll the cut end of fleece into a nice edge.

Easy, Huh ??

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