Thursday, July 30, 2009

Backpack Buddies

These backpack buddies are perfect crafts for back to school. Kids will love to hang them on their backpacks or share them with friends.
What you'll need:
Pen or pencil

Key chain of backpack clip

Plastic cord

2 large foam circles about half dollar size


White craft glue

Wiggle eyes

Feather boa or yarn

How to make:

1. Using one of your foam circles. trace a circle onto the cardboard and cut out. Cut the cardboard circle a little smaller that the foam circle, so cut within the lines you traced rather than on the lines.

2.Poke a hole near the middle of the cardboard circle with a scissors or a pen.

3. Cut a piece of jewelry cord about 12 inches long

4.Thread the cord through the hole in the circle.

5. Line up the open ends of the cord and loosely tie know with the key chain or backpack clip in the knot.

6.Glue the foam circles to the cardboard circle, one on each side of the cardboard. This will hide the plastic cord and the hole.

7.Line up the foam circle so they are even with each other, and apply slight pressure to flatten them close together.

8.Glue wiggles eyes on the front of a foam circle.

9. Cut a piece of feather boa about an inch or so long.

10. Apply white glue to the top of the head.

11. Glue feather boa to the top of the head.

12. Let it dry

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