Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bath Bags

These are sooo cute !! Make one of these pretty bags for someone you care about,fill it with bath beads , lotions, or even homemade soaps. Use colorful washclothe or a pretty patternedmaterial, topped off with a dainty ribbon.
What you'll need:
Washcloth or square piece of material size of a washcloth
18-24" of ribbon or lace
Hot glue or sewing machine
How to make:
1. Lay the washcloth onto your work surface and fold in half.
2. Fold your length of ribbon in half.
3. Place the folded end of the ribbon inside the folded washcloth. You will place the folded end of the ribbon about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the washcloth, leave the folded end of the ribbon sticking out a little. The rest of the ribbon should be on a slant,coming out of the upper left side of the top of the washcloth, not straight up and down. This will allow for the ribbon to tie around the top of your bag when you are finished.
4. If you are using a sewing machine,pin up the side of the washcloth and be sure to capture the ribbon before sewing along the bottom and long side, leaving the op open.
5. If you are using hot glue,simply hot glue the bottom and open side and be sure to glue the ribbon end inside as well .
6. Carefully turn the bag inside out.
7. Fill with bath beads, bath salts,or handmade soap.
8. Tie the bag closed with your ribbon.
9. You can add a couple of small silk flowers or dried herbs to the tied ribbon as a pretty accent.

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