Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long Car Trips

How to make getting there half the fun !! As we all head out this summer on our vacations, we need to make it as enjoyable as possible on that long car journey. Here are some tips from Jamie Jensen author of Road Trip USA
1. Take the road less traveled. Rather than hurling yourself down interstates jammed with fast food restaurants and billboards, take local roads. When you see something that piques your interest,stop the car for a few minutes. It's not a huge investment of time and it makes the journey as enjoyable as the arrival.
2. Slow it down. In order to explore those local routes, gives yourself a little more time,so you don't feel rushed. If you are driving across multiple states,Jensen suggests scheduling a destination for every other day. That way if you find something interesting you can slow down and enjoy it and then drive a little more at night.
3. Do research. One way to make a trip more fun is to investigate roadside sights before you leave.
4. Games on Wheels. If you're whizzing down a particularly dull bit of highway, you can always play the license plate game. Or you can sing old songs or play 20 questions.
5. Tune in. Rather than blasting the same CDs over and over again, tune your radio to the local AM stations and listen to the new of the community you are passing through. You may find out about a fair or a church bake sake you can visit along the way .
Good Tips !! I plan on using them the next long trip we take.

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