Saturday, July 4, 2009

Glittery Brown Napkin Rings

I thought you might like this idea. It's such a clever twist on the napkin ring holders you might have seen in the past. Keep in mind that you can do these in any colors that go with your decor.
Wire edged ribbon
faux twigs with berries
Gold acrylic paint
Gold glitter(optional)
foam brush
bottle to use as form for napkin ring(glue or cosmetic bottles work well )
Hot glue gun
1. Cut ribbon into approx. seven inches.
2.Wrap a length of ribbon lightly around the bottle and hot glue the overlapping ends of ribbon together to form a ring.
3.Paint the faux twigs gold and immediately dunk the twig into the plate of glitter,sprinkle glitter onto any bare spots. Allow to dry. (this step is optional )
4.Glue the twig onto the ribbon ring.
Cute, Huh?

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