Friday, July 17, 2009

Tin Can Luminarias

These I am going to try !! These inexpensive luminarias will set a festive mood on your deck or patio.
Remove labels , tops, and bottoms of the cans. They used 26 oz cans.
Wash thoroughly. Use an old fashioned beer can opener to make the triangular holes around the perimeter of the top and bottom of each can.
Wear gloves when and be careful of the sharp edges.
Cut the flaps of metal loosely around the rims of the can.
With a hammer and a sharp nail or awl, carefully punch additional holes in a pattern on the surface of each can .
Aim for simple, stylized patterns. They recommend practicing with a spare can. If the can creases, insert a block of wood into the can to provide support .
Place each can in a terra cotta saucer with a votive candle inside. For a taller base, glue a pair of saucers bottom to bottom.
Cute, huh?

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