Sunday, July 26, 2009

Customized Picture Frame

With school approaching, our kids are always looking for new ideas to decorate their lockers, books, backpacks,etc. I have found a few cute ideas. Hope they enjoy them!!
1. Paint four craft sticks yellow and four blue. (Any color you want really. School colors would be neat.
2. Place the yellow sticks in a square shape crossing them as shown in photo,glue in place.
3.Repeat for the blue.
4. Decorate the frames with stickers. Anything they want would be fine.
5.For a top hanging wire,cut 26 inch piece of purple wire. Make a coil at each end. Bend wire to form an upside-down U. Bend the wire around the frame.
6. For side hanging wires, cut copper wire into two 13 inch pieces.
7.Coil each end
8. Tape photo in place,hang from a magnetic clip.

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