Thursday, July 30, 2009

Candy Wrappers

Candy Wrappers you ask ....
What are Candy Wrappers

Well,I'll tell you .. They are a unique way that my daughter Jennifer has come up with to wrap a 1.55 ounce size Hershey bar. Or any size or shape candy bar for that matter.

These are just 2 examples of the graphics you can choose from, she has many and she designs them all custom to your order.

What you are actually purchasing is the template and you can add any text that you fancy.

You can then print as many as you need, the only thing she asks it that you do not resell them or the digital file which they come on .

They are great for birthday party invites, baby showers, wedding, any occasion at all.

You can see more examples and if you have any questions you can email her. She would be glad to help you with your order.

Take a look , I think you will be impressed.



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