Monday, October 5, 2009

Pumpkin Noisemakers

If you are thinking of having a kids Halloween party, here is a idea for a noisemaker. What would a party be without noise, right?


12 x 12 inch dowel
Black paint/green craft foam/orange plates
Marking pen /hole punch/yarn/glue gun
Dry beans and a jingle bell

How To:

1. Paint the dowel black

2.Trace a leaf pattern onto the green craft foam, and cut out

3.Cut slits in the center of the leaves

4.Using the photograph as a guide, draw a face onto the flat side on one plate with a black marker

5.Hold the face plate and a plain plate with rims together

6.Using a hole punch,evenly space holes around the rims of both plates

7.Place a few dry beans and a few jingle bells in the gap between the plates and lay the dowel through the center of the plates,allowing a short end to stick out of the top for a pumpkin stem and a large amount of stick out the bottom for a handle.

8.Lace yarn through the holes to hold two plates together

9.Place leaves on the dowel through the slits and hot glue in place.

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