Friday, January 22, 2010

Basic First Aid Kit

When you need first aid supplies most,you're usually not in the best frame of mind to search for them. A well stocked first aid kit keeps the items you need easy to find. Bandages,adhesive tape,gauze, and scissors are useful. To clean wounds, keep hydrogen peroxide or alcohol and cotton balls or swabs to apply as well as antibiotic ointment . A first aid kit is also a good place to store pain relievers.
Humans aren't the only ones who fall victim to emergencies requiring first aid;our pets sometimes find themselves with scrapes,cuts,bumps, or other mishaps requiring attention.

The first aid kit should include a booklet on how to treat your pet's injuries and a In Case of Fire stickers to alert firemen that there are pets living in your house. Tweezers and scissors a plunge syringe for administering liquid medication for flushing out eyes or wounds;bandages and medical tape;cotton tipped applicator swabs;wound cleaners and antibacterial ointments;pair of latex gloves; an instant cold pack and an emergency blanket .

I would like to Thank Abby for being my model for this post. Good job Abby !!!

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