Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fleece Mittens

These easy fleece mittens can be made and enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a very basic mitten pattern that you can modify to fit your own skills and personality

You need

1/4 yard of fleece /plain paper/pencil/straight pins/scissors/sewing machine

How to

Put a piece of paper down on your work surface;lay your hand on top of it,fingers together. Starting about at least an inch below your wrist,trace around your hand to create a mitten pattern. Cut out your pattern staying an inch outside of the line you drew to give you enough room for a seam allowance

Use your pattern to cut out 4 pieces of fleece to make your mittens. Pin two of the mitten pieces together,right sides together,lining up all edges evenly. Repeat for the other set of mitten pieces

Stitch a straight stitch to sew your mittens edges together Begin at the wrist and sew around all edges leaving the wrist open.

Turn your mittens right side out and they are ready to wear. You can also cut the wrist edge a little longer and fold it up to make a cuff.

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