Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brag Books

Wallet size accordion brag books filled with snapshots make wonderful keepsakes for relatives who have yet to see the full range of baby's first expressions. Use original photos for a single book,or make color copies to use in multiple books. Enlarge or reduce photographs to suite the size of your books.

You need

11x17 inch lightweight art paper/scissors.glue stick/wallet size baby photos or color photocopies/heavy paper or wallpaper for cover /hole punch and ribbon for bow closure

How to

Accordion fold the 11x17 inch paper. Glue a cutout color copied picture or original photo to each panel. Trim the paper to align with the photo's edges. Below each photo,write or rubber stamp it's date or add captions.

To make cover, cut a piece of heavy stock or art paper,to the same height and twice the length of your closed accordion book. Fold the paper in half-one for the front cover and one for the back.and glue the last accordion panel to the inside of the back cover. Punch hole midway up the right edge of the front cover, and thread it with a ribbon to serve as a wraparound bow closure.

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