Friday, January 22, 2010

Window Box Alternative

This window box alternative showcases your flowers and their pots. This might be a good Spring project.


Cut a 1 x12 inch wooden board so that it extends a few inches beyond the window on both sides. Measure the pot's diameter just below the lip; divide by 2 for radius. Make a note of both numbers. Mark the center of the board with a pencil;measure out from this mark,in each direction,the length of the diameter plus 2 inches. Mark these 2 points with a pencil.

Clamp the board to a work surface . Set a circle cutter to radius. Insert a drill bit into 1 mark;cut hole for pot. Repeat with remaining 2 marks to cut 2 mote holes. Prime and paint board and brackets with exterior paint. Screw brackets to board and them to wall.

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