Thursday, January 21, 2010

Water Bottle Tote

This project shows you how to make a bottle tote. This would make a great gift for the person that carries a water bottle with them .

You need 1/2 yard of fabric You will need to cut the following pieces-- .3.75 inch wide circle for the base, 12x10 rectangle piece for the bag,2 straps 12x2.5 inch

How to

Fold the bag section in half along the longest side to leave you with a folded bag 6x10 inch You will need to sew along the 10 inch open side to make a tube.

Sew in the base,secure with pins first if you need to

Hem the top of the bag around a 1 inch hem

Fold your straps in half and sew them closed Turn right side out

Fix your straps in place with the seam at the back

Note-- These bags can be made from recycled fabric, recycled jeans .

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