Monday, August 17, 2009

Give Away

I' m here !! We are not leaving until Tuesday , so I had to tell you about Jennifer's give away. You need to check this out : She has a darling pink bracelet called " Pretty in Pink" just follow the directions for entering the contest. Good Luck !!

Something else I need to tell you about. Jennifer is now doing polymer clay beads. She is making her own beads and them constructing beautiful jewelry from them.

She has an adorable necklace she is calling " Carmel Cappuccino" it is beautiful. She made all the beads from polymer clay, so it is an original. Check it out on the site.

Oh Oh !! I almost forgot she made some adorable earrings from polymer. They are S"mores . Yes you read it right they are so cute. Check out the picture. Cute Huh??

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