Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Message Mobile

Here is just another way to keep organized once the kids go back to school. Hung from a plant hook or the bottom of a kitchen cabinet, this message center will keep important notes, permission slips, and school announcements from getting trampled, stained, or eaten by the dog.

Craft Materials:

4 inch lightweight wooden box (available at craft stores)
2 equal lengths of ribbon
key ring
wood glue
small pad of paper and pencil or pen


1. Paint a 4 inch lightweight box and four clothes pins and allow to dry

2. For a hanger,slide the ribbon through the key ring so that they are centered,then knot them together a little below the ring. Tack the four ribbon ends inside the box, one to each side.

3. Use wood glue to secure the clothespins to the outside of the box for holding notes securely in place.

4. Place a small pad of paper and pencil inside the box and hang it in your entryway or kitchen, where everyone in the will see it daily.

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