Monday, August 3, 2009

Preventing Back to School Stress

I found this really good article, on how to reduce back to school stress. I know that school in our area is starting next week, so maybe these will help you relieve any last minute anxiety.

1. VISIT THE SCHOOL.. Visit the school and meet the teachers. It great because you can get an idea of how the school year will go .

2. BUY SCHOOL SUPPLIES... Grab a school supply list. I was at Walmart today, and they have them at the door.

3.GET TEACHER CONTACT INFO...Get the teachers email address. It makes corresponding with them a whole lot easier.

4. TAKE A TRIAL RUN .. Getting up early at 5 days before school starts. Helps with solidifying the new schedule.

5. PRACTICE BUS ROUTES.. Walk with them to the bus stop and describe what type of behavior the bus driver will expect.

6. HAVE A FAMILY MEETING ...At least one week before school starts, have a meeting and discuss homework rules,activities,what to eat before and after school.

7.ARRANGE FOR A TUTOR...Make plans right away if you know that your child will need a tutor,as the teacher if she is available for tutoring.

8. RALLY YOUR CARPOOL... Get your carpool team together. This is especially important for working parents.

9. BUY A FAMILY PLANNER...Purchase a family planner to get the whole gang organized. This will save your sanity.

Hope this tips help.

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