Friday, September 11, 2009

10 Minutes to a New You

Pressed for time ? Hard to make you a priority ? Well I have got the answer. 10 minutes is all it takes. It's possible to get a better looking and feeling you in 10 minutes.

Check this out ...

Minute 1 Start by washing with lukewarm water and a cleanser suited to your skin type.

Minute 2 Exfoliation is key for radiant skin.So keep a washcloth or buff pad handy for everyday sue.

Minute 3-7 Try a mask a few times a week . Try a paste of 4-6 Aspirin crushed up and mixed with a bit of water. Apply to face,let dry and then rinse. The acid in aspirin is an excellent exfoliator.

Minute 8 Massage a skin suitable moisturizer to your face and neck.

Minute 9 Using your finger tips, gently dot on eye cream. This will nourish this very delicate skin .

Minute 10 Spot treat blemishes, if needed.

See I told you 10 minutes!!!

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